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Serving the sign industry since 1990.

Providing signage project consulting in all aspects from design to installation.


Project Feasibility Assessment Methods:

  • Develop a process to work cooperatively with the Client and Associated Agents.
  • Using client input, field assessments, and existing data and reports, conduct an assessment of general geographic and environmental conditions, vehicular traffic movements, foot traffic patterns, architectural and streetscape styles, and the location of key landmarks, attractions and amenities.
  • Evaluate and document existing signage and locations.
  • Recommend existing signage that should be removed, replaced, relocated and/or consolidated. Evaluate feasibility of reusing existing locations, poles, hardware on an individual location basis.
  • Assess existing branding for Client as exhibited by other existing “identity” signage,landmarks, and design guideline documents, for incorporation into the proposed designs for new signage.
  • Identify and evaluate City, County, and State requirements as related to the signage project.
  • Provide Budget Cost Estimate for the fabrication, installation and maintenance of the signage Project.

Project Development Program Development and Design Methods:

  • Analyze architectural elements, materials, themes, and existing documents, in order to develop an appropriate design aesthetic for the project.
  • Refine design concepts into a final design for review and consideration.
  • Prepare a Sign Message Schedule on location plan.
  • Conduct a meeting with Client and associated agents or consultants to solicit further input.
  • Complete refinements of preferred design concepts based on Client and associated agents or consultants input.
  • Present a full sign type and locations array to Client and associated agents or consultants.
  • Revise the individual sign type designs and locations per final comments (as needed).
Once the design concepts and locations are approved by the Client, the consultant will prepare:

  • Final Design Intent Drawings (exact dimensions, letter heights, materials, mounting details, color specifications, and material performance standards) with written statement regarding rationale for design choices, materials, method of fabrication, and how systems can be modified over time.
  • Scaled mock-ups of a limited assortment of sign types or specified component(s) for design and quality control.
  • Statement of Probable Cost for the fabrication, installation and maintenance of the signage Project.